Join WeMooveCars ® Network


To grow your business and sales turnover thanks to the leads brought by the members of the WeMooveCars® network and at the same time become a business provider for other members of the network..

To win new clients and increase customer loyalty

Thanks to an international coverage of our WeMooveCars® network you can acquire major accounts (clients, manufacturers, financial organizations, etc.) and consolidate long term relationship with your existing customers.

To share best operational practices

The WeMooveCars® network is a trusted forum for sharing experiences and best practices among its members.


To reap the benefits of an expert information system

The business applications provided to members of the WeMooveCars® network is a complete solution meeting their quality, safety and profitability expectations. It provides a clear answer to the most demanding requirements of international customers wishing to benefit from a standardized and centralized solution.

IT Resources

The platform receives clients’ orders but also all the necessary documents for the mission (administrative and vehicle insurance etc). You can then assign this mission to the professional car driver of your choice. The latter will then automatically receive the necessary information for the successful completion of its mission.

At the end of its mission, the professional car driver will input all the useful documents in the user friendly web platform making them accessible to the client too. All documents are stored on the platform for historization (record keeping purposes) and are permanently available to the client and the service provider.

This IT solution significantly increases staff productivity slashing down the time spent on administrative tasks: Automated mission assignments with the necessary information in compliance with the client protocol, transmission of invoices, follow-up dashboard, history and reporting. This solution structures and simplifies your business processes, hence enabling you manage a large number of transfer requests.


Administrative Documents

Mission Assignements


Human Resources

The WeMooveCars® network has set up remote selection tools. Video interviews, comprehension questionnaire for pre-selecting eligible candidates for driven vehicle movement missions.

Once referenced, candidates are compelled to follow a rigorous protocol through an online training program for accreditation. WeMooveCars® e-learning training online.

The WeMooveCars® partner must then ensure the smooth running of field missions through quality controls and ongoing training of its car drivers.








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