The WeMooveCars® Label

The WeMooveCars® label recognizes a service quality level that meets the requirements of its customers. The network accepts only providers responding to the different selection criteria, including those relating to security, respect of laws and human rights as well as the expected level of service both operational and administrative.

The WeMooveCars® label validates the conformity and respect of quality processes of  companies specialized in driven vehicle movement by car drivers.

To obtain the label, WeMooveCars® partners must be able to demonstrate the level of competence of their car drivers as well as their central teams both administratively and operationally. Partners are committed to respect individual rights and to provide all guarantees in terms of security and insurance. Customer relationship and customer care, in terms of follow-up, must be of excellent standards.

Regarding Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR), members commit themselves to respect
the individual rights as a whole.