Why WeMooveCars ®?


WeMooveCars® is an international network of professionals specialized
in driven vehicle movement by car drivers

You need driven vehicle movement services in several countries?

Major benefits are:

International (Pan-European) driven vehicle movement service

Consistent service level across the WeMooveCars® network is guaranteed by selected and market-leading partners. The services delivered by professional car drivers are systematically measured to guarantee the satisfaction of your users.

A Unique user experience

The WeMooveCars® network adapts to your needs and provides a solution that complies with your brand policy for a unique user experience.

Permanent access to all detailed and consolidated data by country

All data relating to driven vehicle movements can be consulted in real time and in a standardized way, directly on the WeMooveCars® portal and / or interfaced with your own IT applications.

Economies of Scale

The consolidation of vehicle movements volumes leads to optimized pricing conditions. Thanks to the web platform used by all members of the WeMooveCars® network, operational and IT specificities can be deployed quickly and inexpensively in all countries.

Online platform

The platform enables management from order to billing and includes follow-up, real-time reporting and mission history.

A joint inventory (by both parties) is made during the retrieval and also delivery of the vehicle. This digital inventory with photos is saved by a third party.

All documents of a vehicle movement mission will be saved on the web platform.



Reporting in real time



Digital Inventory

Human resources

All car drivers, in dress code, (wearing professional outfits), are equipped with smartphones to ensure quality service and ample follow-up at all time. From their smartphone, they carry out digital inventories by means of photos that are saved by a trusted third party.

Each mission is systematically subject to a customer satisfaction survey. The satisfaction index is a priority for the WeMooveCars® network.

Professional Outfit (Uniforms)

Equipped with smartphone

Trained and qualified

Satisfaction index